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Buffered VPN review

Buffered VPN Review

As long as you use the internet, the term VPN shouldn’t be alien to you. VPN stands for a virtual private network; it is used to create a private tunnel when using the internet which does a lot of things to your presence online.

Buffered VPN has only come to limelight recently, and it has already become popular and can now be found in the top 10 list of best VPN services which is a long way as a result of its effectiveness and quality services it provides to its clients. Buffered VPN is said to offer one of the best securities and privacy and still maintains amazing functionality.

Buffered VPN is available for Mac Linux and windows, and they have compactable versions for Ios, Android devices and routers giving users all flexibility allowing them to use the service on any device.

Its use is very basic and easy thanks to its amazing user interface, selecting the country you want to connect to is very easy all you have to do is click on the country in which you want to be connected to, and that’s it. When you are connected, the top will be green when you are connecting it is yellow, and when you’re disconnected it turns red, that’s how basic and easy to understand it is.

Buffered VPN has no DNS leaks, and it is equipped with an AES-256 bit encryption. DNS is what servers use to track and identify your internet device, so this guarantees that there is no chance of your phone laptop or router being identified by any server. It also ads an extra layer of protection perfect forward secrecy which generates a unique encryption key for each session and it exclusively supports open VPN protocols and allows its users to choose between UDP and TCP.

Although buffered VPN is extremely fast, its speed is majorly dependent on the speed of your internet provider. It is always expected that as long as you?re using a VPN, your internet access won’t be as good as it normally is but it’s nothing really serious but when streaming movies or videos buffered shows little or no glitches.  Every VPN needs to be as fast as possible, no one enjoys waiting for minutes for contents to load and this is a priority for buffered VPN which is why it has about 40 servers in 37 countries to reduce the load on each server.


Anonymity, this is the central function of any VPN. Buffered VPN assures anonymity over the internet, and this ensures security. It protects personal information and sensitive data keeping you safe from prying eyes and hackers

It opens every website to its users; some of us have experienced situations where we can’t see the content of a website as a result of restrictions which is usually geography. This restriction won’t matter because all you have to do is connect to a server in a country that will grant you access.

On the downside, Buffered VPN keeps a partial log for up to 30 days and when connecting to a distant server slow speed was noticed.


Buffer doesn’t offer a free 30 day trial period, but instead, it gives a 30-day refund after your first purchase so that if you aren’t satisfied with the service, they deliver you can get your money back.

Buffer VPN offers three main plans

  1.    Monthly plan of $12.99
  2.    Bi-annual plan of $59.94 and it saves up to 23% over time
  3.    The annual plan of $99.00 which saves up to 36% and it is the most used option.

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