Ensure Data is Safe in the Cloud with Secure Data Room

All cloud storage can be called unlimited. The reason is simple – users are not limited in purchasing additional disk space with a https://www.virtual-data-room.org/. 

Why Is that Important to Ensure Your Data Safe?

The domestic cloud service offers users of secure data room mobile applications for Android and iOS systems the possibility of unlimited storage in the cloud of photos and videos taken on a smartphone, tablet, etc. Another good news is that this service is completely free, regardless of whether you purchased additional storage space or not. To use it, you just need to install the aforementioned application on your phone, and then enable in it (in the settings) the function of auto saving captured photos and videos to the cloud storage.

Saved photos and videos can be viewed, copied, shared with friends, deleted and edited via the mobile application, and web interface. However, you should not move photos and videos to any other folder in the storage. this will fill up disk space. For example, domestic services Yandex.Disk and Cloud Mail.Ru do not have tariff plans with the “Unlimited” prefix (at least for individuals), but this does not mean that you cannot repeatedly purchase additional disk space at the same tariff.

But, of course, if we are talking about huge volumes of files uploaded to the cloud, it will always be cheaper to use the cloud services with unlimited tariff plans. Internet technologies have gone through several stages of development, becoming the source of the emergence of new approaches to doing business.

Electronic business has developed gradually, business technologies have changed, business processes in enterprises under the influence of these technologies, organizations have been rapidly using the electronic environment, and new business models have been formed.

The Best Cloud Storages to Keep Your Data Safe

Most cloud storage do not offer unlimited tariff plans in the form in which we are used to understanding the term “unlimited” no restrictions on the number of files stored in the cloud:

  1. OpenDrive is one of the few cloud services that have unlimited data plans for ordinary (i.e. non-corporate) users. It is worth noting that OpenDrive does not put a limit on the minimum number of users (i.e. maybe 1). Another advantage of the service is that the cost of monthly payment for business tariffs for each additional user increases by about $ 5, and not doubled, as is the case with other cloud storages discussed above.
  2. As in the case of Yandex, Google provides users with the ability to store photos and videos from the phone in its cloud storage without restrictions on the amount of data uploaded. Owners of Android mobile devices can take advantage of this feature by simply opening the Google Photos app (installed by default on all Android devices) and enabling the auto-upload and sync function for photos and videos.
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