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AVG secure VPN review

We all want to get as much privacy as possible when using the internet. A VPN provides this by allowing you to create a private and secure connection to another network over the internet. They can also cloak your location giving you access to the website that is region restricted.

There several VPN services available some are free, some aren’t entirely free, and some are paid for.

AVG secure VPN is a VPN service created by the team AVG. It was created in 2008, and it grew till Avast purchased them in 2016 which helped build the confidence of users. From its creation till date AVG VPN services has become one of the most trusted secured anonymous internet service providers. The service is available to windows, android Mac and Ios, so it is available for all devices. AVG’s team believes that the internet is an open place and it is their mission to ensure that everyone has a complete experience of the internet without being restricted, safely and privately. They believe that everyone has an understanding of what is right and wrong, so they understand their boundaries.

Its features include:

It uses an open VPN and AES-256 to encrypt internet traffic. AES is advanced encryption standard, and many VPN service providers use it, but this encryption algorithm comes in different key lengths, there are the 128, 192 and the 256-bit key lengths and the length of the key determines the encryption and it requires more processing power. AVG VPN provides the best security possible but requires more processing power and isn’t as fast.

It also blocks ISP tracking and throttling. Granting its users absolute anonymity

It allows access to geographically restricted internet contents. So it gives access to every material on the internet regardless of your location.

It un-censors internet contents; it negates any form of censorship regardless of who censored the content.

It helps save money by helping its users experience equality in pricing by removing the factor of price discrimination.

AVG is paid for like many  VPN service provider its prices for mac and windows is at a fixed $59.99 per year, but it also offers a discount for users who sign up for longer terms of use. But for new clients, there is a 30-day free period. In these 30 days, they believe that the client would familiarize with their services and become convinced that they should buy their services further.


For windows or Mac OS X

One year VPN service is at $59.99

Two years VPN service is at $109.00

Three years VPN service is at $159.99


Per month $1.49

Per year $35.99


Per month $1.49

Per year $19.99

But, Avg is sold independently for different platforms giving its users the flexibility of choosing a version that is compactable with their devices. But even though you install AVG on all your windows laptops, you could only use its services on just one at a quite sad time.

AVG improves its anonymity by its no log policy with regards to your activities

It implements automatic public Wi-Fi protection whenever the user connects to a public Wi-Fi.

AVG servers are located on every continent except Antarctica, so it guarantees good speed by reducing the load on each server. The number of servers per continent also differs based on the location places like Asia, Eastern and Western Europe have more internet traffic than places like Africa so the number of servers would be more to maintain speed.

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