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The problem of blocking sites at the local, corporate, or state level is becoming more and more urgent because someone constantly wants to restrict us from the information. For those who do not want to put up with this procedure and prefer to continue using “unwanted” sites using VPN, extensions are recommended. So, in this article, we will discuss the functionality of the Turbo VPN application.

More about VPN service

VPN is primarily a service that encrypts your internet connection and preserves your online identity. Initially, the main goal of a VPN was to securely connect remotely to programs, e-mails, or company information centers. Recently, VPN networks are becoming increasingly popular and there are several reasons for this.

A private virtual network is therefore called private because all communication between you and the page you have visited is encrypted. Also, to connect to the server, your IP address is replaced by another, foreign address, or you can choose another country to display. Thus, Internet surfing is safe and anonymous, because the visited pages see only information about the VPN network. However, information about your actual location and connection is hidden.

The main advantage is the high security of Internet surfing when using public Wi-Fi networks because they are dangerous and can find out all your Internet activity.

Turbo VPN is a good alternative on the marketplace

Turbo VPN is a free mobile-only VPN service that also has a paid version. It has much better security than most free VPNs and doesn’t leak your IP or DNS address.

This application is primarily intended for users looking for convenient and stable services to provide a secure connection to their mobile gadgets. Precisely mobile, it can be a serious disadvantage for a large number of users. Turbo VPN only has two apps – one for Android and one for iOS.


Turbo VPN fs the following advantages:

  • One of its main advantages over most other VPN services is connection speed. As a rule, due to the encryption of transmitted and received data, the speed of the Internet connection when using a VPN suffers. In the case of the monitored utility, the decrease in speed is extremely insignificant, which is very good.
  • The application has the function of quickly connecting to the closest and fastest of them, but nothing prevents the user from manually switching to any other, simply by selecting it from the menu.
  • The interface and, in principle, the interaction with the application are extremely simple and intuitive. This is a simple and understandable service for the most inexperienced user to get a VPN and nothing more from him.
  • The application has a free version for those who do not want to overpay or are just going to understand what a VPN is and whether it is worth paying for it, so there are advertising banners in the application.
  • You will be able to independently choose the IP of which country you will use. You can use the IP of both the USA, England, and the CIS countries, and many other countries around the world.

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