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McAfee LiveSafe Review: Windows, Android Protection

Today, we’ll take a look at McAfee LiveSafe. It’s a solution that lets a user protect all the household devices that run on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS. The software also offers safe cloud storage called Personal Locker and a password manager. Do you need McAfee LiveSafe? Find out in this McAfee LiveSafe review.

General features

The software has an optimal interface and big, convenient buttons for navigation. Next to every option, there is a short description to help beginners learn the ropes and easily navigate the settings.

The main window has the list of the major features like Antivirus & Anti-spyware Protection, Email & Internet Protection, McAfee Updates, and Subscription.

According to the results from the independent testing labs, the engine scored 100% detecting zero-day threats. It also manages to detect and stop most viruses and other malware.

McAfee LiveSafe includes all the features McAfee Internet Security has. However, it offers even more by adding one improved feature and component. They are a new password manager and Personal Locker. Let’s discuss what these features bring.

  1. A better password manager

True Key password manager from Inter Security is considered to be the best in the world. It uses multi-factor authentication and has simply no rivals. Purchasing McAfee LiveSafe brings a subscription to this feature with the possibility to access passwords from an unlimited number of devices. It covers all the household devices including the ones that belong to children and relatives. The package offers 5 licenses at once to help you distinguish the passwords for every family member.

  1. Personal Locker

As it was previously mentioned, the LiveSafe package has another component. It’s the encrypted cloud vault of 1 GB. It’s protected by several levels of biometric authorization. Users can install the app on their Android and Windows-running devices that have a camera and a microphone.

To install the app, a user must log in to the McAfee account and send the link for the installation file download to the email address linked to the needed device. Another way to get it is to download the file from the app store. However, then a user has to activate the program with the special code. To download the program on Windows, a user has to install McAfee Central first.

As soon as the installation is over, a person has to add a PIN, make a photo of his face, and say the code phrase a few times. The system allows adding a trusted person as a representative. It comes in handy when you have issues accessing the cloud.

Pros and cons of choosing McAfee LiveSafe

The advantages of getting this program:

  1. Great protection for the cloud vault;
  2. A possibility to pick the level of protection for every item;
  3. Covers multiple devices;
  4. All the advantages of McAfee Internet Security.

The drawbacks of picking the program are:

  1. The limited space in the cloud;
  2. Limited file volume;
  3. All the disadvantages of McAfee Internet Security.

Bottom line

The solution offers a secure cloud and a top-notch password manager. This makes it stand out from the rest of the similar solutions.

The suite is a great choice for those who use several devices or aim to install a trustworthy and reliable antivirus for all the household devices. The annual subscription is very convenient and brings enough value for the money. There is only one key that can activate the program on all the devices and protect your desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.